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short one this month

Ahh! I'm late once again! Good reason this time. I've been... busy. Very, very busy which has resulted in a lot less screen time. I've moved! I'm officially a resident of St Albans, Hertfordshire now. And boy does it feel it good.

The past month+ has been a whirlwind. View a property mid September, moved two weeks later! It's been a crazy time, but I'm so happy to be in a new place. I've been able to get back into my routine, which has been great. I've been able to maintain running and gym(ing), which has been great. It's crazy how much your physical environment can have an effect on you as a person, I'm feeling more motivated than ever and it's reflecting in my work.

Speaking of work, lots of progress and learnings. We have a tight deadline but each week we hit a massive milestone. It's so far been the first software project I've worked on that has gone IN time with the schedule.

Back to more writing over the next few weeks! I've got a piece on tech debt and its weight coming up!

What I've been watching 📺

Loki Season 2, I'm a sucker for the marvel shows. This has been off to a great start so far and hopefully it doesn't get too cliche and sticks to what season 1 made so good.

What I've been reading 📚

The chip war by Chris Miller - A non fiction on the current state and importance of microchips in the global economy. I've only just started this, but it's been a great read so far.

What I've written.. ✍️

Nothing! I've been far too busy moving and sorting out life admin that this month has been a crazy one!