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Matt Bidewell

Vibe check №3

Christmas time means Advent of Code... and present giving!

Techy stuff🤖

  • I've been hacking away at Advent of code. I've done well at consistently doing the daily challenges. Hoping I get them all done within the day of release for a bit of extra spice. I host all my code on my github.

  • I've added an auto rebuild functionality to Now at 8am on Friday the site will rebuild using Netlify scheduled functions. Which are effectively just a managed Lambda implementation, pretty cool.

  • For Christmas downtime, I think it's time to spend with the family and away from the screens. I'll probably wind down before Jan picks up.


  • I have big news, that I'll share soon in my January vibes.

  • Feeling pretty exhausted and ill and have felt that way for pretty much most of December. Running has become a myth, I've been far to sick to code, le alone rune or do physical activity.

Reflection on 2022

  • I've been reflecting a lot on 2022. I'm not impressed with the career progression at all and I think a lot of my anger steams from slow progress in the public sector. I'm not surprised, I was expecting slow growth, just not this slow. As a result I need to enter 2023 with big changes. It's evident my current situation will not benefit my career and life goals in the long run... Anyway that tightly couples with January vibes.

One thing I have spent time doing in 2022, is really digging in deep with NodeJS. Figuring out how it really works. 2023, I want to keep this up, a stretch goal is to have a open source PR raised on the NodeJS source. (eg Undici).

I'm also incredibly happy with how this site has evolved in 2022. Migrating my posts off Medium and on to here has given me a sense of freedom. It's also empowered me to really want to know and learn more.

Books 📚

Writing An Interpreter In Go

A must read for anyone interested in GoLang or Programming languages and want to write their own. I'm writing my own currently - Gloop. NOT TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION.

Tracers in the dark

Currently reading.