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Matt Bidewell

Short: why you should use IaC over click ops

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a technique for managing and provisioning infrastructure in a predictable and automated way. In contrast to clickops, which involves manually configuring and deploying infrastructure using a graphical user interface (GUI), IaC allows you to use code and version control systems to manage and deploy infrastructure. This approach offers several key advantages over clickops, including:

Version control:

IaC allows you to store your infrastructure configuration in version control systems such as Git. This makes it easier to track changes to your infrastructure and roll back to previous versions if necessary.


Using version control systems enables teams to work on infrastructure configuration together, allowing for better collaboration and coordination.


IaC makes it easy to reuse infrastructure configuration, which can help you reduce duplication and improve consistency across different environments.


IaC enables you to automate the provisioning and deployment of infrastructure, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors compared to manually configuring infrastructure.


IaC allows you to scale your infrastructure quickly and easily, as you can use automated processes to spin up new resources as needed.


IaC makes it easy to document your infrastructure configuration, as the code itself serves as documentation. This can help you understand how your infrastructure is configured and make it easier to troubleshoot issues.

Overall, using IaC offers many advantages over clickops, including better version control, collaboration, automation, and scalability. By adopting IaC, you can improve the efficiency and reliability of your infrastructure management processes.