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Matt Bidewell

Vibe check №2

It's been a good month for getting stuff done. The cold, darker days have a way of motivating me at times.

Techy stuff🤖

London Node User Group returns at Beamery

  • I came across an issue when using AWS SAM. You can read more on a post here. However, the TLDR; is that when running sam build and then sam deploy you should ideally not use sam deploy -t {TEMPLATE PATH}. This is because the Sam CLI builds the deployment package in the folder .aws-sam.

  • Found an issue when resolve localhost in Node 18 after updating from Node 16. Wrote about it here.

  • Awesome new feature of the AWS console. Prefixing /Resource to your search query will allow you to search your own resources. For example /Resource myAwesomeTaskDefinition

  • The great Mastodon migration. I've moved, you can find me (as of November 2022) over at . Say hi.


  • I suspect I may have some major news soon..

  • Formula 1 is finished. This was probably the most boring season since the Schumi years... Looking forward to next year.

  • Start of Ice Hockey season! Can I play? Nope. Can I watch? Yes! I highly recommend if you're in the UK and are interested in sports, go down and watch your local team! Elite league or even smaller for example the Huskies

  • I've starting cycling as part of my commute. My local area introduced rentable bikes, as I live a good mile away from the nearest train station, these bikes are convenient.

  • Back running and running a consistent 15k (in total KM) each week. The goal is to get back to my rough 31min 5km by Christmas. I think I can do it!

Books 📚


Finished Sandworm. Did you know that NotPetya was (as of 2022) the most costly cyber attack in history. The attackers used a flaw in windows called EternalBlue and Mimikatz software which extracts stored passwords from memory. This allowed the malware to spread quickly and uncontrollably.

Snow Crash

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is great. It tells the story of Hiro Protaganist (amazing name btw) and his life in a futuristic America. Whats crazy about this book, is that it was written in the 80's but accurately predicted the tech of today. For example, a virtual world named Metaverse. Highly recommend.



Wow, Andor has been great. A bit of a slow burner to start with but picks up pace after the first few episodes. What's great is you don't need to be a start wars fan to appreciate it.